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Airflow Solutions Kompany is an NBC Certified Test and Balance firm offering a wide variety of solutions to your TAB, Cleanroom, and Indoor Air Quality issues. Airflow Solutions offers consulting services in design/build, sound, light, and IAQ. Using state of the art equipment and methodologies, ASK can troubleshoot and solve your problems. Certifying to FGI/AIA, USP<797>, USP<800>, NSF-49, ISO 14644-1, and ACGIH Industrial Ventilation standards. We are a registered member of CETA (Controlled Environmental Testing Association), providing service for Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Benches, Exhaust Fume Hoods and Environmental Monitoring: non-viable/viable.  With over 30 years of experience in the field, Airflow Solutions ensures that the owner/client is in compliance with all required standards.